Tuner - Center Pitch Tuner Universal Intonation Tool - CP10
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Tuner - Center Pitch Tuner Universal Intonation Tool - CP10

CP10 On Board Tuner for any brass, woodwind, or stringed instrument

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Play in perfect pitch with the "Center Pitch Universal Intonation Tool". It actually feels the vibrations as you play to keep your instrument in tune. This will make you a better musician and sound more musical. There is nothing more frustrating to yourself and others than playing out of tune. But playing in perfect pitch is beautiful no matter what note you play. That's the difference between professionals and amatuers. This device uses no cables, no wires, no microphones, no pickups. It simply uses its built in clamp to attach to any brass, woodwind or stringed instrument. This item is a must for musicians at all levels. You can actually use this clamped to your instrument while you're playing to make sure you stay in tune, even during ensemble rehearsals. This item is highly recommended by band and orchestra directors and I promise you will be using one of these forever. Uses 2 lithium 3v batteries.

CenterPitch CP10 Tuner Features: 7 octave response* Clip-on feature * Tuner and metronome * Color-changing backlight * Transposition option for C, B-flat, E-flat, F, and G instruments * Dimensions: 1.5" H x 3" W * Weight: 4 oz.
Make tuning, timing, and transposing music a clip-on breeze when you buy the CP10 tuner today.

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