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Sheet Music Carry Case - Enduro Transport Case - Weatherproof! FREE SHIPPING

The #1 Sheet Music case. Our best Sheet Music Storage Case - The Enduro Case by Humes and Berg- FREE SHIPPING

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"I love mine!"

Humes and Berg Sheet Music Storage Case - The Enduro Case FREE SHIPPING - Factory direct to you. Save 

Look no further because this is the best and MOST popular music transport case, sheet music tote available anywhere. The Humes and Berg Enduro sheet music case is the top-rated case we carry because of its durability, weather resistance, strength, and quick and easy transport; some sizes hold up to 36 folios. Stack them on top of each other. They are strong enough to stand on.

There are a variety of sizes so choose your size when adding it to your cart. The smaller size could even be used as a sheet music briefcase. How to choose the correct size? Add an inch or so to the music folders you are using. The 16" x 13" size will carry the "12 x 14" folders very nicely. A 12 X 14 big band folder with 100 -150 charts will fit into a 16" x 13" case. A 16" x 13" x 9" case will hold about 6-7 of these assuming they are about 1 1/2" thick. To determine height just stack your folios and measure the height. Then choose the size you need. AND...The top covers the bottom fully so you can actually add more folios and still have your music fully protected.

The smallest case weighs about 6 lbs. The larger ones are less than 8 lbs. 

Protecting your music is simple by using this step-by-step guide. 1. Just open the case, 2. Place your music inside, 3. close the case and secure its strap. Now your music and its folders are securely protected from dust, rain, and anything else that may come its way. And you can carry it easily with a comfortable handle.   

This case is made for the lifetime of use. It is made of the strong new Enduro material developed by Humes and Berg for their professional drum cases. I have used Enduro cases for a while now and the handles are very comfortable and built well for long life. They use heavy-duty straps to secure the top to the base. Take these on any airplane, band bus, band trailer, and your music will be protected from all sorts of abuse including rain and snow. This case is a must for serious bands and orchestras.

The Humes and Berg Enduro molded sheet music cases all started with their patented Vulcanized Fibre case, the original case that was invented first over 75 years ago. Enduro, Humes, and Berg have developed a very tough case using new materials that can withstand weather, and rough handling and are designed to protect sheet music and anything else you want to carry. Pros use these, plus schools, symphony orchestras, and bands use these cases to take them anywhere on any transport, any airplane, any band bus, carry them in, carry them out, pack them, unpack them, test their strength, and you will be amazed at the quality of these cases. These are more weatherproof than the Vulcanized fibre cases because they are made from a plastic, oil-based material.  

These cases will handle anything. Each has a patented design, and is indestructible!! Humes and Berg put engineering at the top of their list when making these Enduro cases. 

These are extra strong cases any will rival any case made by any manufacturer. These have extra strong-extra wide- extra thick nylon straps with a special HB positive locking side release buckle.

We have used Humes and Berg Vulcanized Fibre cases for years. We have bought them new and used, round ones and square ones. Now, these are a step up to the big time! The Enduro simply compliments their case line to give every professional musician, school, and community band, and orchestra the ultimate protection for transporting their music. Like all Humes and Berg products, they have virtually unbreakable handles and straps and are made with Humes and Berg quality throughout.  

The Humes and Berg Enduro case is the best quality there is. They are available in every size you will need. They are also available for drum sets, individual drums, hardware, and accessories. Plus there are combination cases, cymbal cases, conga cases, tambourine cases, and drum hardware cases with casters. They are available with or without the pro foam lining. Check out the link below for these products.  

Band Directors – let us quote multiple case orders with special quantity pricing.

Humes and Berg continue to make engineering and design changes.  Their basic model of the Vulcanized Fibre case is the one that started it all. The Vulcanized Fibre case is still the most popular case in history, and now the Enduro Pro is fast becoming the one to overtake that position. Humes and Berg carry all sizes in stock in black ready for delivery so place your order with us below and it will ship directly from their warehouse to make sure you get it as fast as possible.  

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    DR406 14.5 x 12 x 5.5 (holds 12 - 3/8" folios), DR407 15 x 12.5 x 6.5 (holds 12-15 - 3/8" folios), DR410 16 x 13 x 9 (holds 24 - 3/8" folios), DR410A 16 x 13 x 12 Backordered (holds 36 3/8" folios)