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Sheet music file storage box
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Best Box Sheet Music File Storage Box -5 1/4 Inch Symphonic Score

ONE DOZEN - ES1508B Best Box 5 1/4" for Symphonic Score

18" deep, 11-1/2" wide, 5-1/4" tall

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This size Best Box is made specifically for filing large symphonic score sheet music 18" deep, 11-1/2" wide, 5-1/4" tall. Also available in a 3 1/4" version. This is the size many professional symphonic orchestras use. It is the real thing!

The only storage box with one piece construction. Made specifically for storing sheet music. No tops needed. Access any file from the end of each box. Stack on top of each other. 

This music file storage system makes shelving a thing of the past. These boxes will stack on top of one another as many a 10-15 high with little support. The Best Box is made of white 200-pound test cardboard and protects your music against the ravages of dust, light and time. Individual boxes may be opened and closed without removing them from a stack. There are no annoying tops to remove or get lost! You can stack the boxes high against a wall like filing cabinets, utilizing a storage area without having to purchase shelving!

A printed flap allows you to index each box according to title, composer, arranger, voicing, grade level, and other criteria. Plastic pull-tabs make opening and closing each box a breeze! You can even open the bottom box without having to move the boxes on top! But one of the best features is that your music lies flat and won't curl up.

The Best Box is created with the very finest corrugated materials and contain no harmful elements that can damage your print music. With almost 40 years of use in thousands of music libraries, The Best Box has proved to be the professional's choice. This is the real thing! The original and simply the best.

Also available in 6 different sizes including this one to accommodate every print music configuration from octavos to concert band to choral collections to piano literature to conductor's scores to the very largest symphonic score.

The BEST BOX is priced per dozen. Please note that the ES1500B, ES1501B and ES1503B hold octavo and choral book size materials. ES1504B is perfect for concert band literature, conductor's scores, piano literature and other "magazine size" materials. The ES1507B and ES1508B are the very largest storage boxes available anywhere. Theses will accommodate the very largest symphonic scores. You will not find a better box available at any price.

Best Box music storage boxes

  • ES1500B: 2 inch Octavo Best Box w/ pull tabs
    11" deep, 7-1/2" wide, 2" tall
    • ES1501B: 3 inch Octavo Best Box w/ pull tabs
      11" deep, 7-1/2" wide, 3-1/2" tall
  • ES1503B: 5 inch Octavo Best Box w/ pull tabs
    11" deep, 7-1/2" wide, 5" tall
  • ES1504B: 2-1/2 inch Standard Manuscript Best Box w/ pull tabs
    12-1/2" deep, 9-1/2" wide, 2-5/8" tall
  • ES1507B: 3-1/4 inch Symphonic Score Best Box w/ pull tabs
    18" deep, 11-1/2" wide, 3-1/4" tall
  • ES1508B: 5-1/4 inch Symphonic Score Best Box w/ pull tabs
    18" deep, 11-1/2" wide, 5-1/4" tall
  • ES1505B: Sampler of 1 each of the 6 sizes


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Please note that shipping costs are based on FedEx and UPS rates for USA lower 48 states locations. These are big boxes to ship. If you plan to buy 4 or more dozen of any size we can give you a special shipping quote. Please email us and include your zip code.  


ES1508B 5 1/4 inch Best Boxes (dozen)

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      20 lbs
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      ES1508B #8 - 1 dozen