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Wireless Microphone Headset - Airwave Technology HSD-Slimclip microphone - FREE SHIPPING

Wireless microphone Headset. Double ear system.

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Wireless Microphone Headset

Fits any system...order specific connector for your system when placing item in cart.


The HSD-Slimclip+DE is an ultra lightweight professional double ear microphone that uses a European-made omnidirectional microphone capsule with clarity and high quality of sound output.

Omnidirectional mics are used where the speaker or vocalist doesn't have to be precise in directing the sound into the mic. Unlike other headsets, the boom can be adjusted by panning up or down and telescoping in and out. The HSD-Slimline+DE is excellent for speech and vocal use in a variety of applications.


Black or Tan -
Bendable boom for comfort
Excellent voice and sound pickup
Fits over the ear of any user
Detachable cable for universal connector use
Compatible with most of the worlds wireless body packs

You can choose from the following connectors below (T3, T4, etc.) that will be used with your brand bodypack:

Indicate the specific one you will need as you place your purchase in the shopping cart.

T3 - Airwave, AKG, Audix,Gemini,Samson
T4 - Shure, Peavey Compatible
S8 - Sennheiser
AT - Audio Technica, Electrovoice (EV), Telex.

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    T3 - Airwave, AKG, Audix, Gemini, Samson, T4 - Shure, Peavey, S8 - Sennheiser, AT - Audio Technica, EV - Electro-Voice
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