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Microphone - Airwave Technology Wide angle choir microphone

Airwave Choir Microphone

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Airwave AT-Choir microphone - very popular microphone!

The Perfect microphone for your singing group, band, orchestra, chorus, choir, etc.

Simply place on a mic stand (not included) and place in front of your group. This microphone is part of a 50 inch Carbon fiber boom (which means it is lightweight) with a clutch (means that it will stay where you angle it). 

3 capsules are included so you can choose the wide angle you desire.

Cardoid (standard mic pickup), or hyper cardoid (narrower angle pickup than cardoid), or omni-directional (picks up everything around it - 180 degrees). You can customize the microphone to fit your group and can use the same microphone for different groups or situations. You are in charge!


3 - capsules

8' - XLR cable to connect to an amplifier or mixer, snake or extended cable

2 - windscreens (used for outdoor, or to lessen the effect of blowing air from air conditioner and heating ducts)

High quality condenser microphone - requires phamtom power (most mixers and amplifiers are equipped to handle phantom power)

This is the perfect choir microphone.

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