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iKlip 3 Tablet holder
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Music Stand for Tablets - iKlip 3 Universal Tablet Holder for Mic stands



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This updated mobile device holder easily mounts any tablet to a microphone or music stand and is perfect for sheet music, lyrics, chord charts, or performance apps. Other features include:

• Fits tablets from 7″ to 12.9″ in both portrait or landscape orientation

• Soft-touch rubber pads hold tablet securely without scratching or marring

• Ball joint connection provides easily adjustable viewing angle

• All ports and controls remain freely accessible

New features specific to the iKlip 3 include:

• Quick-attach clip for faster connection of mounting bracket

• 360-degree rotation of the mounting bracket for improved positioning

• New mounting support for iRig accessories

• Improved fit for iPad Pro

This is a popular tablet holder that connects to a microphone or music stand shaft. The iKlip 3 stands are from a manufacturer known for its innovation. I first saw this stand at a NAMM Convention and immediately placed an order. Now we can't keep them in stock. So now, these stands will be shipped directly from the Hal Leonard warehouse to get them to you as fast as possible. This is the perfect stand to hold your iPad or tablet for whatever hands-free application you have. Now you can use your tablet hands-free while playing music, giving a lecture, reading, and speaking.

Professional audio technicians use these for convenience by remotely using their tablets to control aspects of sound mixing. Because of its simple clamp on and off the connection, the tech can simply carry their tablet to make necessary adjustments throughout the room and then quickly mount it to a microphone stand when standing or sitting behind the soundboard. Since it is on a microphone stand it doesn't use valuable table space near the soundboard. And the height of the microphone stand can be adjusted so the tablet is at a convenient location for the technician.

This device is very popular with single-player performers. In many cases, they are already using a microphone stand. So clipping this device on their existing stand means no additional stand needs to be brought to the stage. And with more modern blue-tooth applications in p/a systems, the features of the sound system can be controlled using a tablet that with this device will be right in front of the performer. No more sound distractions for the audience.         

One of the best features is the adjustability of this stand. Its soft rubber pads hold your tablet securely without scratching or mauling your expensive tablet. Being able to attach to a microphone stand provides convenience and adaptability. The easy quick mounting bracket clamps grip the Ipad without marring the tablet and keeps it secure on the stand. Structurally this is one of the best ways to hold a tablet on stage. It will be secure...placing a tablet on a music stand is not. So you won't need to worry about something running into it, knocking it off the stand, and damaging the tablet. There are other holders out there but this is the best one we have seen so far. 

Please note: Manufacturers often change designs slightly without changing their model numbers. The actual product design may vary from the picture. uses manufacturer model numbers as the basis for making sure you receive the correct product.  

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