AT Ear 1001 pro wireless ear monitor
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AT-Ear-1001 Professional In ear monitoring system with USA earbuds

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AT-Ear-1001 Professional In ear monitoring system with USA earbuds

US made quality Earbuds. The AT-EAR-1001 PRO is a wireless in-ear monitoring system with outstanding sound characteristics. A corrected frequency response ensures optimal adaptation to auditory requirements.

The AT-EAR-1001 features 160 possible frequencies, permitting 10 systems to be operated in parallel without intermodulation. A limiter at the input prevents distortion even with an overload of +12 dB, providing optimal hearing protection. Both mono and stereo operation are possible, making the system very flexible and suitable for many applications such as live acts, theatre and voice.

Both the transmitter and the receiver have a clearly arranged multifunctional display, which indicates all operating states. The sender also has a headphone output which allows monitoring at the sender side. Optimised power management ensures a long battery life without replacement.

This model is shipped with Professional USA Made High Quality Earbuds.

100 digitally selectable UHF channels
Up to 10 transmitters may be used in the same space
Stereo or Mono switch
Single ot Dual mix capability
Blue back-lit LCD display
XLR and 1/4" combo input connectors
Built in automatic limiter
Stereo headphone or in ear monitor jack with volume control
PAD switch attenuates signal by 12db
External antenna can be front mounted with the included rack kit.

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