Payment Methods

How to pay

Buying from is easy. It is safe and secure. You can pay by credit card, check, money order, Pay Pal, or approved purchase order. Simply complete your order on the shopping cart/check out the page by entering shipping and billing information, indicating in the payment field how you want to pay for your merchandise. Once you click on the red payment button in the right column of the page you will be directed to a secure page section to enter further payment information.

Paying by Check/Money Order

Choose PO or Other on the checkout page. Send check/money order payable to, PO Box 1963, Mount Dora, FL 32756. Your order will be shipped upon receiving cleared funds from your bank.

Paying by Credit Card - Choose "credit card" as the payment method on the checkout page. Then click on the red payment button at the bottom of the column on the right side of the page. You will then be directed to a secure checkout page where you can enter your credit card information. 

Paying by Pay Pal - click on the button on the checkout page. After clicking on the red payment button you will be directed to a page to enter your pay pal information.

Paying by Purchase Order 

Valid for organizations with approved credit history. There is a $25 administration fee for purchase orders. 

Place your order as normal and check the "PO or other" box on the checkout page. Place PO info in the "customer notes" box. Make sure you include your email address and the email address of the purchasing agent.

Send Purchase Order to PO BOX 1963 Mount Dora, FL 32756 or fax to 352-383-6033. Or you can scan and email your PO to Your order will be shipped upon receiving an approved purchase order signed by a valid purchasing agent of your organization. We will confirm the order with your purchasing agent either by phone or email. This will be a binding contract of purchase and you will be responsible for payment when the merchandise has left our facility or our partner's facility. will provide you with an invoice and receipt. The $25 administration fee is added to all invoices billed via purchase order. We do not accept purchase orders from outside the United States. We can not accept purchase orders for special orders, (i.e., products that are not a regular inventory item) and folder imprinting. 

Please note that purchase orders are not financing arrangements. We accept purchase orders in order to give the buyer time to process the payment while the goods are being processed for delivery. Payment will be due when the items have been shipped. If an item in the purchase order is backordered then payment is still due on the backordered items. A second invoice will be provided for the backordered items when they are shipped. 

International Payments

We accept Pay Pal for most international shipments. Any amount exceeding $750 will be shipped under a wire transfer of funds only before the item is shipped. Contact to arrange payment.