Wood Music Stand

Furniture grade music stands. Beautiful, functional with an array of designs. 

Go into about any musician's home and you'll find the typical music stand ranging from the folding student wire stand to the ubiquitous metal orchestra stand. These stands are OK and are probably "good enough" for most musicians. Musicity.com sells a lot of these type stands. 

But the discerning musician, one who believes the beauty of their instrument and their setting is as important as the beautiful sound they create, wants something a bit more special. Walk into their home and you'll find not only a beautiful instrument, but a beautiful wooden music stand as well. The wooden music stand enhances their look and their performance.  

The discerning musicians believe in the setting...they believe in the look...and they believe that they play much better when surrounded in a beautiful well decorated room with beautiful furniture which includes a beautiful furniture grade music stand. Our stands are beautiful to look at, and sturdy and functional with adjustable height and tilt. 

Most stands are adjustable in height usually 45" to 61". Desks are usually 20" wide by 13" tall although this will vary by stand. 

Musicity.com has wooden music stands. Furniture grade music stands. These music stands are more special than the typical orchestra stands and their appearance belong in nice well appointed rooms... either the living room or a dedicated music room. They are so attractive that you will want them on display all of the time. And because of this, your instrument will be available to you all of the time. You will practice more. You will want to spend more time in a beautiful setting. You will want to spend more time rehearsing. And the combination of a beautiful music instrument with a beautiful music stand, enhances the look of any room in your home. 

Musicity.com is always on the lookout for new designs, new woods, in our assortment of wooden music stands. We carry different desk styles and assortment of woods to match your decor. The cherry and the dark oak finish is perfect for traditional homes but we also carry lighter woods including lighter oak, that you may want. 

Most stands come disassembled for easy shipping and some stands are folding for easy storage. But beware.. you are likely to have your stand on display all of the time. Each one is very easy to assemble. Instructions are included and few tools are needed. These stands are designed for beauty and longevity. They are well made and furniture grade. You will be very proud to own one of these and be very proud to show it off to your friends. 

These music stands are made based on old world craftsmen designs and patterned after early historical music stands from the classic periods. But there are also contemporary designs for a more modern look to fit just about any decor you have. And they are giftable. Give one of these to a musician and you are saying you have the confidence in them that they are truly special.              

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