Music Stand  - Manhasset Accessory Box
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Music Stand - Manhasset Accessory Box

Attaches to the shaft of the Manhasset Music Stand

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Manhasset Accessory Box with Accessory Hanger This Accessory Box will finally allow musicians to have the music stand storage they have needed. The box dimensions are 10 inches long by 6 inches wide and it has a box depth of 2-1/2 inches - so it will hold all the supplies and accessories (such as pencils, valve oil, mouth pieces, rosin, cleaning supplies, reeds, and you name it) you have to have - and at a "no-reach required" convenient location, right below the music stand desk. In addition it has a built-in holder for your water bottle or cup, as well. The unit's hanger is designed to fit on any Manhasset music stand and provide a securely fitting container unequalled in accessibility and convenience. This Accessory Box unit can be installed in an instant and removed just as easily.

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