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Hercules Tablet holder
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Hercules Tablet Holder

Tablet Holder for Ipad and other tablets

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Tablet Holder for Ipad and other tablets- Hercules DG300/305B

This is the perfect stand to hold your Ipad/tablet for whatever hands-free application you have. Now you can use your Ipad or other tablets hands-free while playing music, giving a lecture, reading, and speaking. This holder clamps to any tablet measuring 7" x 12.1" (choose from 2 sizes in the drop-down menu) and will clamp to any mic stand or other stand that is 5/8" round diameter

This holder is lightweight and is made to hold your tablet securely. Allows 360 degrees rotation of tablet, landscape, or portrait orientation. Can be used as a tabletop stand with detachable table support included. The Hercules Tablet Holder is suitable for 7"-12.1" tablets with measurements up to 235 mm in width and 280mm in height. The 360-degree ball-joint design and 3-way adjustable holder make the Hercules Tablet Holder easy to use and it folds into a minimal, compact size. The one-piece clamp fits 15.8-25.4mm (0.62-1") round tubes and 19mm (0.75") square tubes.

"I recently switched from paper to electronic music and needed a mount for my new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. Which works great with the mobile sheets app, btw. I know there are lots of cheaper mounts out there, and some are probably as good as the Hercules. But lots are junk, and who has time for that? This is nice and sturdy, very adjustable, seems really secure (more so than some of the "friction fit" 2-contact point types; this has 3 contacts, with corner blocks), and, will actually fit with my really bulky rotating case. Although I take it out and use a slimmer one--seems more secure that way, and, looks better."...from a satisfied customer.

Tablet and Microphone stand not included.

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      Tablet holder DG300B/305B
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    DG300B - 7"x10.1" tablets, DG305B - 7"x 12.1" tablets
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