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Hercules EX grip orchestra music stand
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EZ Clutch Folding 3 Section Tripod Music stand - Hercules

EZ Clutch Folding 3 Section Tripod Music stand - Hercules

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EZ Clutch Folding 3 Section Tripod Music stand - Hercules

Made in the USA! FREE SHIPPING! 

The quality and easy to use foldable orchestra stand. 

We love this music stand and we think you will too!

Choose a solid or perforated desk in the drop-down menu before placing the item in the cart. Has a lightweight aluminum desk that weighs 6.8 lbs! And it folds but still has the properties of a standard orchestra stand although a significant improvement from a standard orchestra stand.

The BS408B/BS418B Music stand has a folding desk that is made of sturdy and light aluminum. Fold-down the upper desk and the side locking pin holds it firmly closed. Press the pin to open the desk and lock it in position with the clip on the back. An EZ Angle Roller is equipped with special friction rubber that holds the desk at the perfect angle while also being instantly adjustable. Push the Quik-N-EZ Retainer lever up or down for instant desk mounting and dismounting. The Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip adjusts the stand up or down to the desired height with smooth one-handed operation. A secure internal locking mechanism prevents slipping. The BS408 Stand has a tripod base made of durable die-cast aluminum. The 3-section mechanism allows for lower positioning. Features: Three-section mechanism allows for lower position Folding Desk with page retainers Frictioning EZ Angle Roller Quik-N-EZ Retainer Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip Tripod Base made of durable die-cast aluminum Desk size: 480x345mm (18.9x13.6") Height: 610-1150mm (24-45.3") Weight: 3.2kg (7lbs.) Folded size: 670x210mm (26.4x8.3”)

HERCULES music stands are incredibly versatile and easy to use. The HERCULES BS418B has an EZ Grip adjustment that allows the stand to be adjusted up and down to the desired height with smooth one-handed operation. A secure internal locking mechanism prevents slipping. The HERCULES BS418B features a 3 section shaft giving a height range from 125cm down to as low as 63cm! Features: Height- 610 -1150mm, weight- 345mm, folded size- 670 x 210mm Quik-n-ez height adjustment grip Fast one-handed adjustment Instant desk mounting and dismounting Made in the USA

This is probably the most innovative and usable music stand on the market today. This stand is made of lasting lightweight aluminum, folds into a carry size of 28" x 7" yet will rival every orchestra type stand being made today. The Hercules EZ Clutch Folding Music stand is made for gigging. It is easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to adjust, easy to take down. It is flexible on stage because the legs are adjustable to fit around any obstruction. The height is easily adjusted with one hand controls. The tilt mechanism uses Hercules patented EZ Angle Roller and EZ Retainer. 

The Desk size is 19" X 14" but folds in half to 19" x 7", so it is easy to carry along with your instrument.

Color is Black with yellow accents on the controls. Available in a solid desk or perforated desk design. 

Check out the video of this stand. This is really cool and explains why you will want this stand. 

For years, professionals, students, and educators have relied on Hercules to protect their valuable and rare musical instruments while on stage or in the practice room.

This sturdy and handsome Hercules Stand has been designed this stand to consider the needs and wants of musicians throughout the world. also carries all of the Hercules instrument stand line. This includes trombone stands, guitar stands, french horn stands, alto tenor sax stands, music stands, microphone stands, and any stand in the Hercules line.

The Hercules EZ Clutch Aluminum Folding Music Stand is perfect for just about every musician's need.

"I've had this a couple of months now. Portable, easy to set up, the handle for height is a charm. Heavy enough to take some kickin' at a gig, but easy enough to carry."

 Please note: Manufacturers often change designs slightly without changing their model numbers. The actual product design may vary from the picture. uses manufacturer model numbers as the basis for making sure you receive the correct product.  


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