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The #1 Music Stand Light - Clip On Stand from Manhasset - FREE SHIPPING

The #1 Professional LED Music stand light - Manhasset - Free Shipping with 3 or more

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MANHASSET PROFESSIONAL LED CLIP ON STAND LIGHT - The #1 music stand light. There are more Manhasset stands and lights being used by professional orchestras than any other brand. 

Battery Operated (not included) with AC adapter. 

Free Shipping with 3 or more

This is the light that professional orchestras have used for years. It is the classic music stand lamp made for Manhasset's famous orchestra music stands, re-engineered for LED. But it will clip on to almost any music stand. The lamp provides full-width illumination and ample clearance for music. The clip-on feature fits almost flush with your music stand, so there is additional space at the top of your music stand. Best of all it has a solid backplate that shields your audience from glare. Strong, wide clips, baked-on black enamel finish. Complete with 40-watt showcase bulb and 8-foot cord.

These lamps have several distinct advantages over all other music stand lights. 

1. This light uses built-in LED bulbs to illuminate all of the music on your stand. An LED light will last for years. And because this light is powered by AC and not batteries you'll never be wasting money on batteries and replacements. Typical battery-operated lights use 3 batteries and last for about 3-4 hours so you'll frequently be spending $3-$4 for each performance on batteries. Why worry about that? There are no worries about weak batteries during a performance with this light. The 8' cord is long enough to keep it out of your way during performances.

2. Battery powered LED lights might light your music somewhat, but they will not light up the performer. An inherent benefit for most performing musicians using this light is that they use the light to illuminate themselves. In a very dark performance environment, this is a nice benefit that will prevent the need to carry around additional lighting. If you playing or singing to tracks during your performance this will the only light you will need.

3. The full-width cover backplate will keep your light out of your audience's eyes. Having a music stand light glaring on the audience is one of the biggest complaints performers get with other lights. The solid backplate is a shade that is invaluable.

4. It is made by Manhasset the premier professional orchestra stand provider. There are more professional, school, and church orchestras using Manhasset music stands and lights than any other brand.            

Discount pricing is available for larger quantities. Please call 1-800-777-7871 for details.

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