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Music Stand - Big Band Jazz Music Stand - "Swing It" - 41" Performers

Swing it - Music stand 41" Conductors/Performers/Directors/Stand up Brass height. One Piece Construction.5 stands. One-Piece Construction for stability. Why fool with separate tops and bottoms? These stands fold flat and are one piece. Lasts for years!

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The Performers' Music Stand -Swing it - Black Swing Band Music stand 41" Directors/Stand up Brass height.

One-Piece Construction. One-Piece Construction for stability. Why fool with separate tops and bottoms? These stands fold flat and are one piece. Lasts for years!

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These tall stands were originally made for stand-up brass sections in jazz ensembles. Now more and more are being used by single performers. This is because they are much lighter than a metal folding stand, can hide all of your performance tools, amplifier, water bottles, etc. They fold flat and can fit under your arm to carry to your gig.

41" high in the front, they are the perfect height for stand-up musicians and speakers.

These Humes and Berg Jazz Ensemble music stands are our most popular jazz/swing band music stands. Available in black or white, this jazz band-style music stand is manufactured by Humes & Berg and is simply remarkable. Made of extremely lightweight weatherproof material, this music stand will hold up to years of use. It is made of 1 piece construction, folds flat, has a hole for a music light cord, and weighs only 4 pounds. I have seen heavy 3 inch, 3 ring binders full of music used in these specialty music stands. The material used is similar to outdoor yard signs and political signs, yet it is smooth enough so that the name of your band can be painted or stickered to the front. I have used these for years, with weekly rehearsals and gigs, and they look as good as new.

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Standard Graphics on Jazz Band Stands

                We no longer do the graphics because it is much less expensive for you to use your local sign maker to do it. Below is how it is done.

The standard method today for placing your logo on the front of jazz band stands is by using a printed vinyl sign featuring your logo that is applied directly to the stand itself.

A second method is to apply the vinyl sign to a separate substrate, such as the material used for yard sale signs. This substrate is then attached to the front of the stands usually with velcro.

Vinyl signage should be attached directly to all hardboard and "Everglow" stands. But vinyl can also be applied directly to a stand of any material and look professional. But the second method using a separate substrate with velcro has been adopted by many for the "Swing It" stands. The second method allows you more flexibility to change your logo graphics on the stands. Schools with several jazz ensembles, for example, could use the same stands but with different ensemble logos.

Today's graphic printing technology can produce a vinyl sign to fit any music stand. Most sign makers or printer today has the equipment on-site for vinyl printing. A logo design can be done in almost any shape and in almost any color and printed on vinyl. Fonts and font sizes vary by printer, however.

The process is relatively simple.

1. A logo is designed on a computer;
2. a vinyl sign with the logo is printed;
3. the sign is affixed to the stand or the substrate.

The entire sign can be attached if there is a desire to maintain a certain background. Or the logo design can be cut out and used with the music stand background. Experienced sign makers can physically apply the vinyl to the stand or the substrate with relative ease.

The first step is to contact a local sign maker (Printer) that has vinyl graphics printing capability. The Printer can then produce a logo for you or instruct you how to send your logo directly to them in a computer file. The Printer will then provide you with a rendering of how the logo will look on your music stands or substrate. You will then be asked for any changes or approval.

Obviously, if the graphics are being applied directly to the music stands the Printer will need the stands in their possession. If they are using a separate substrate then they will need to know the dimensions.

See Standard Height 28" stands here or, buy these music stands economically with the 5 pack (Standard size). Ships directly from the manufacturer.


Overall front - 41" tall X 19" wide

Front - floor to top - 41"

Front - width - 19"

Desk size - 21" wide X 14" high X 2 3/4" lip.


In accordance with California labeling requirements:

 WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -


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