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Hal Leonard Mandolin Pack
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Hal Leonard Mandolin Method Pack

Play the Mandolin today! The Hal Leonard Mandolin Learning Kit Plus Mandolin Songbook

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Play the Mandolin today! The Hal Leonard Mandolin Learning Kit by Rich DelGrosso

This is absolutely the best starter pack for mandolins available anywhere. The kit includes everything you will need to start playing the mandolin right now! 

Great way to learn the Mandolin complete with mandolin, method books, CD and DVD and carry case, all in one package. PLUS A BONUS BOOK INCLUDED WITH THIS OFFER (while supplies last). GET EASY SONGS FOR MANDOLIN. The songbook includes popular tunes from The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Big Joe Williams, and more. Only at

This particular mandolin is no slouch instrument. It is a beautiful instrument that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Like guitar players, mandolin players usually own several instruments that they play or collect. You'll find yourself buying more instruments in the future and like most musicians will always being trying to find that perfect one. This one will be the standard to judge all others. This "A" style and is set up and ready to play. The A style is a perfect starter instrument and is easier to learn than a guitar. Mandolins actually have 8 strings but you play them as 4, sort of like a Ukulele, except the tuning is different. But this complete kit will give you everything you need to get started playing right away. This Mandolin itself is top quality with fine construction and quality machine tuners and a level playing bridge. There is no better way to get started and with the method books, CD and DVD. Also you can also check out some youtube videos to advance your learning.  

The method books include information on setting up your instrument, tuning, reading the music, playing melodies, scales or just strumming along. The pack also includes scale and chord books. The CD has play along tracks and demonstrations. 

And there ia a DVD that features musical examples and demonstrations that supports everything you have covered in the method books. 

Hal Leonard is the leader in publishing and distribution of top quality method books for musicians worldwide. They use only the best writers and instructors like Rich DelGrosso to teach everyone from beginners to advanced musicians. The have method books for every instrument and have a large assortment of accessories as well. is a retailer of Hal Leonard.  


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