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Our Music Folders are top quality and at the best prices. plus FREE SHIPPING on most of them. Colors, sizes, styles, band, and choral director discounts. We carry every major brand. In stock ready to ship directly to you.   

We have big band music folders, band and orchestra sheet music folders, choral folders, and choir music folders. Lowest prices anywhere on the web. Embossing is easily done and inexpensive. Top manufacturers will customize your folders to fit your needs.

And we have music cases to carry and transport your folders.

Since we have used many of the music folders we offer to you, plus have asked customers what they prefer, we can give you the specifics of each music folder and then recommend the perfect folder for you. Sometimes all you need is a durable folder that will provide what you actually need and we can help you with that and your budget. No need to purchase a heavier stock than necessary. 

Our folders have been or are being used by the top bands and orchestras throughout the world. They recognize the quality and value of the products we offer and they continue to add or replace as needed. Most have decided early on that a vinyl-covered folder with pockets, for example, is sufficiently durable for what they need than more expensive leather folders costing 2-3 times as much. At the same time, breaking up their music for different concerts allow them to use far less expensive cellulose paper for those events. This keeps costs down yet serves their needs. 

We offer music folders from the top brands at a price that is far less in most cases than what you would pay even if purchased directly from them. Brands like Deer River, Hal Leonard, Protec, Hume's and Berg, and Marlo Plastics are at the top of our lists. Most of these brands will ship factory direct if ordered through so you will get your folders faster and less expensive than buying direct or from other retailers.


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Items: 112 of 13, per page