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The Original Black Folder" - $22.99 FREE SHIPPING

Deer River - The original "Black Folder" size 10" x 12 1/2"

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Deer River - "The Black Folder" size 10 1/16"" x 12 1/2". The best choral music folder available anywhere.

No question these folders are more expensive than many counterparts. But their quality is insurmountable for a choral folder.   Like all Deer River folders, "The Black Folder" is made in the USA using top quality materials by highly skilled workers. This is the original Black Folder. Deer River invented it and though copied by others, this is the real thing! Custom designed originally for the "Los Angeles Master Choral" this innovative folder allows singers to hold their music up, enabling them to see the director better and therefore enhancing a better performance. The quality of this well made handcrafted leatherette folder with a pressboard lining is a delight to hold. 

All seams and edges are leatherette finished. Along with expanding pockets and reinforced brass corners, The Black Folder comes loaded with extras. The aluminum hinge, mounted with brass rivets for durability, is installed with 10 elastic cords for holding music in place for stability. A crossap is installed across the bottom of the folder to keep loose music from slipping out. The crosstrap is available in the fastened type or the detachable button strap. The detachable button strap allows the director to open The Black The Black Folder totally. The handstrap across the back of the spine allows the singer to hold the folder in a comfortable position without sliding. The Black Folder also comes with a pencil loop.

The Black Folder is great looking, heavy duty and made to last for years. With an aluminum hinge mounted with brass rivets (black), has 10 elastic cords to hold music in place. All edges are bound, features heavy duty stitching, and these stand up to lots of wear. Available in black only. These are priced well and worth the money. Has reinforced brass corners. features expanding pockets, and available hand strap to easily hold the music with your hand. See the pictures.

Available in styles from the folio with added pencil loop or adding a 3 ring binder. Choose from drop down menu.

The most popular of all Deer River folios, made in the USA using high quality leatherette with a pressboard lining. All seams and edges are leatherette finished.

Note: We have a minimum quantity for free shipping. For single units click here.

Imprinting is available on all Deer River Folios. One line is $3.50 for each folio. Click on this link for more infomation or email at  

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