Sheet Music Folders

Need Music Folders? They are our one of top selling products. We sell more folders than anything. We have the lowest prices on the web. And in most cases, FREE Shipping. Compare us to anyone. We can help you find the perfect folder for your group. They will ship directly from the factory or distributor to you to save on shipping costs and give you fast delivery. Folders are special order.  

Our sheet music folders are top quality and at the lowest prices. We offer every major brand, most are in stock and ready to ship directly to you. Top brands like Hal Leonard, Protec, Humes and Berg, and Marlo Plastics are all part of our assortment.    

We have dozens of styles, colors, and sizes for your band, orchestra, choir, or other musical groups. We offer quantity discounts on purchases and accept purchase orders from qualified organizations (not available on imprinted folders). Email us at and we'll get you started. Imprinting is available on Protec folders.   

Our folders are being used by the top bands and orchestras worldwide. Why? Because they recognize the quality and value of the products we offer and they continue to add or in rare instances replace them as needed. Every musical group has specific needs and will warrant a specific folder. Large Big Band folders differ from smaller and much lighter choral folders that have to be held, for example. Often a less expensive smaller folder works best. Concert folders hold fewer scores than rehearsal folders and might be a better solution for your group.   

Most of the folders are "open-stock" meaning a minimal order can be added to or replaced later with the same or similar size and material. Let's face it, music folders are meant to be used, carried, opened, closed, stuffed, dropped, spilled upon, and likely abused in every way possible. There are only so many ways of making a music folder with just a few materials available. Heavy vinyl for instance holds up well and is spill-resistant. Cellulose-compressed paper folders hold up well but are not going to be as spill-proof as stronger more durable vinyl. And paper folders are just that...paper. So let us help you decide which folders are right for you. We can work with how your group uses the folders, how much money you have to spend, what kind of imprinting you want, and if there will be any need for adding folders later.

Remember, we are experts and work with the top manufacturers every day. So let us help you choose the right folders for your band, orchestra, choral group, jazz or wind ensemble, string quartet, or any other musical group you may have. We have worked with them all.     



Items: 112 of 13, per page
Items: 112 of 13, per page