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Quik Lok Trombone Stand
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Trombone Stand - Black Quik Lok

Trombone Stand - Black Quik Lok (Horn in picture not included)

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Trombone Stand - Black Quik Lok (Horn in picture not included)

Special order

Quik Lok is a fine manufacturer of music stands, instrument stands, microphone stands, and other on-stage stands. Their products are rugged, take a lot of abuse and stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Yet, they are also handsome and look great on stage. The WI-993 is no exception. Economically priced it is a great value. 

The stand features a height adjustment of 27.5" to 41.7". The legs spread to 28.3". Has an adjustable spring-cushioned bell cup. And folds for compact storage and transport. The stand is solid featuring an all-metal tripod base. The stand is black featuring a non-reflective enamel finish made to last a very long time. Might be the last stand you will ever need.

The tripod base provides maximum stability for your valuable instrument. The support bell is covered with soft scratch-proof rubber to protect the finish of your trombone.  This unique design allows you to quickly close the tripod becoming extremely compact and practical to carry in your case (of course this will depend on the size of your case) while on tour or traveling to rehearsals.  

This is an outstanding trombone stand made to look great on the stage, holds your trombone, and is lightweight to carry. It has a superior construction to many other brands of trombone stands and that is why we like it. This stand compares favorably to the Hamilton trombone stand and it is popular because it has a non-reflective flat black finish which is very popular for musicians. Popular styling at an affordable price.

Quik Lok stands are made with the finest quality material and are crafted to the highest industry standards. Perfect for home or stage; the tripod base makes it no worry about someone carelessly kicking over your trombone. A top seller!

About Quik Lok

Founded in 1983, QUIK LOK plays a significant role in technological innovation in the field of accessories for musicians taking care of all phases of design, construction, and distribution for a single purpose: to support you in your hobby or professional career.

Born in the heart of the Italian music industry, between Castelfidardo and Recanati, QUIK LOK ranks among the world leaders in the keyboard media segment, thanks to numerous awards that enhance its originality, reliability, and construction precision.

All products are designed by a team of specialized engineers, constantly at work to find the most suitable answers to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts in every situation: from the stage to the recording studio, from the rehearsal room to the installations.


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