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Hercules soprano sax/trumpet peg
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Trumpet/Sax Stand Pegs - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Flute, Clarinet, soprano Sax - Hercules

Hercules Instrument stand pegs for clarinet, flute, piccolo, trumpet, flugelhorn

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Hercules Instrument stand pegs for clarinet, flute, piccolo, trumpet, flugelhorn

Check out these Hercules instrument stands that use these pegs. 

DS532B Alto. tenor sax stand

The DS538B Hercules double sax stand 

The DS513B Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn stand

Hercules stands are the gold standard for all band instrument stands. These stands pegs are virtually indestructible, provide solid support, and look great.

The pegs fit all Hercules instruments stands with a place for the peg. Each peg uses a protective velvet covering to not mar your finish so you will keep your horn looking the way you intended. Hercules has designed their music stands, sax stands, and trumpet stands with flexibility in mind. Pegs allow you to customize your music and instrument stands to fit the type of instrument you play. No other manufacturer does this. Hercules understands the performing musician.

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The thing about Hercules products is that they are made with longevity in mind. How many sax stands have you owned over a lifetime? This is likely your last one. Not only is it sturdy, and of course capable of protecting your very expensive baritone sax, it is also going to look new for a very long time. The materials used in the production consider that very valuable musical instruments are going to be placed on the stand and not always in a gentle manner. Just think about how you actually use the stand. Most of the time it will be placed gently, but sometimes not, especially between tunes at a concert on stage. When a number is finished you are actually more concerned about pulling up the next tune. Your routine is quickly and immediately place your bari sax on the stand, pull up the next chart, and then quickly retrieve your horn to get ready for downbeat. Your baritone sax stand is the last thing you want to think about during this time.        

The brand name says it all…Hercules has now become the standard for all stands that hold valuable musical instruments. Why mess around with a flimsy stand to hold your instrument that likely cost you thousands of dollars? Hercules understands that and that’s why they built their stands to be so rugged and at the same time so beautifully built. Just read what their fans are saying…

 “It's a quality product that easily can be disassembled and assembled. If you are planning to have it on stage...this is the one you need. There are stands less expensive out there...yes, there are more expensive as well. Quality is undeniable.”

These pegs will also fit the innovative Hercules EZ Clutch folding music stand. We love this music stand and we think you will too! This music stand accommodates pegs that hold your instrument and essentially eliminates the need for a separate instrument stand. If you are a solo performer combining your instrument stand and music stand features will save you a lot of trouble. The stand is top quality, like all Hercules products, and just might be the last music stand you'll ever own. Best music stand on the market! 

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    DS504B - Picolo, DS501B - Trumpet/cornet, DS503B - Soprano sax/Flugelhorn, DS602B - Clarinet/flute
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