Harmonica - Hohner Special 20 560 Harmonica
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Harmonica - Hohner Special 20 560 Harmonica

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Hohner #560 Special 20 Harmonica

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Hohner 10 hole Special 20 Harmonica

The Hohner Brand Harmonica is the one recorded most often by famous artists like The Beatles, who many times used a "C" diatonic harmonica like this one even though it was played in a different key of G or E major. John Lennon often referred to a "harp" for a diatonic (solo) harmonica and harmonica to describe a chromatic harmonica. John Lennon was always experimenting with varied sounds from different harmonicas.

The Hohner Special 20 is a great start in harmonica playing. This is a professional musical instrument. It is not a toy. The quality of this Hohner Harmonica is unbelievable and it will last for years. It should be in every guitar players tool box for great and pleasant musical sounds.

Available in several keys. The key of C is the most popular. Choose key when placing item in cart. Also, look at the 3 pack of the most popular keys - Special 20 Pro Pack - Click on the link

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