Hercules guitar wall hanger
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Guitar Wall Hanger - Hercules Wood base

Hercules Guitar Wall Hanger GSP38WBPLUS

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GSP38WB Hercules Wall Hook

PLUS Series Universal AutoGrip Wall Mount Guitar Hanger w/Wood Base, Short Arm

Our hangers are wood or steel base for mounting on a typical wall at home. We also have other mounts available for pegboard, slat wall designs, or grid wall designs. Email us at info@musicity.com for more information on these. 

Featuring the patented Auto Grab System on a permanent wall guitar hanger. Also featuring SFF Special Formula Foam mar-resistant protective cushions. Just insert your guitar neck into the AGS yoke and lower the guitar onto the yoke. The weight of the guitar drives the AGS function automatically, closing the yoke. Taking the weight off of the hanger releases the yoke for easy removal of your guitar.

This Hercules wall hanger is likely the last one you will ever need. And it is likely the last hanger you will ever want.

No matter how many reviews you see or how many musicians you ask, they are all going to recommend this hanger. The reason? Hercules pays attention to guitar and bass players. Hercules understands how musicians use these. Their engineers and designers have studied performers on stage, in concerts, at rehearsals, and in the studio. They have seen the frustration musicians have experienced using flimsy products. They built their products addressing this and addressing those frustrations. The result is simply the best, most long-lasting, and most flexible hanger available. You will be proud to own this. And since Hercules designs indestructible stands for the stage, you can be sure this wall hanger will be of the same quality.    

The thing about Hercules products is that they are made with longevity in mind. How many stands and hangers have you owned over a lifetime? This is likely your last one. Not only is it sturdy, and of course capable of protecting your very expensive guitar, but it is also going to look new for a very long time. The materials used in the production consider that very valuable musical instruments are going to be placed on the hanger and not always in a gentle manner. Just think about how you actually use the stand. Most of the time it will be placed gently, but sometimes not, especially when switching from one guitar to another. I know guitar players who have that their entire music room walls plastered with Hercules wall hangers. And when you are finished using your guitar sometimes you are actually more concerned about pulling down your next instrument.     

The brand name says it all…Hercules has now become the standard for all stands that hold valuable musical instruments. Why mess around with a flimsy stand to hold your instrument that likely cost you thousands of dollars? Hercules understands that and that’s why they built their stands to be so rugged and at the same time so beautifully built.

Musicity.com carries all Hercules products available. In addition to several types of guitar wall hangers, we also have guitar stands, sax stands, trumpet stands, trombone stands, tuba stands, violin stands, whatever you need or want. Click on the link to see all of the Hercules products.   Most are priced the lowest on the web. 

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