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Humes Berg Music stand case
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Music Stand Case - Humes and Berg Everglow Music Stand

Humes and Berg Everglow music stand case

  • $159.00

Humes and Berg Music Stand case for Everglow Music Stands shown in the picture.

Protect your investment. Great for transporting and storage. 

Cases are available in 3 separate sizes to fit the three sizes of Everglow stands.

Made of Vulcanized Fibre which is the same stuff Humes and Berg makes their drum cases from. Durable, will last decades! 

Choose Regular Music Stand case - holds 4 stands; Director case - holds 3 stands; Stand up brass - holds 3 stands.

SAVE YOUR SCHOOL BUDGET!!! Share your stands. The cases make it easy!  Extra inserts are available for printing so if you have several jazz ensembles you can purchase just one set of stands and several inserts and one set of cases. This is great budget saving maneuver many schools are using today. Just change the plastic inserts to match each ensemble before each performance. The cases will accomodate your stands and extra inserts.

To order extra inserts click on this link.

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Requires oversize shipping charges, but you can save on shipping. If ordering more than 3 stands, call for a speical shipping quote.

Please email or call 1-800-777-7871 for shipping rates or quantity purchases.

Also see other jazz band stands under the "Jazz Band Stands" subcategory.

    • Weight
      15 lbs
    • SKU
  • Choose size
    462 for 25 1/2" stands, 463 for 36" stands, 481 for 44" stands