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Trumpet Case with Mute Compartment - Galaxy - Humes and Berg - FREE SHIPPING

Trumpet Case with Mute Compartment - Humes and Berg - The Galaxy Line

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Trumpet Case with Mute Compartment - Humes and Berg - The Galaxy Line

This high-quality trumpet case holds your trumpet and several (3-4) mutes. This model is made just for your trumpet, mouthpiece, and mutes. Most trumpet players carry more than 3-4 mutes so you won't need a separate mute bag.

Galaxy Cases made by Humes and Berg are available in three colors BG-Burgundy, FG-Forest Green, or BL-Deep Blue. Black bags are readily available. For colors please email 

The Humes and Berg Galaxy padded case is designed for heavy use and has been manufactured based on consultation not only with the material manufacturers but with input from hundreds of professional traveling musicians who know what they need to protect their valuable instruments. But the case is made for top quality but at a competitive price so any musician can afford it. The result is simply a very handsome case in your preferred color, that is easy to carry and protects your valuable instrument.

The Galaxy line of cases is made for a full array of instruments. Alto and Tenor saxophone cases are available in the standard "attache-style" or the ever-popular contour style case that is shaped like your sax. And there are cases for trumpet, french horn, clarinet and flute, trombone, guitar, and even accordion each made in the attache or contour style. Humes and Berg are known for very high-quality products. This very old family-run company dates back to the 1920s when vulcanized fibre salesman sample cases were born. The quality was the result of painstaking manufacturing. You can be sure those same standards are being applied today guaranteed by the heirs of the original founders.

This case from Humes and Berg is one of the more popular ones. It has become a mainstay product line. This horn case is popular because it protects your instrument, is roomy enough for your accessories, but light enough to carry easily to rehearsals and gigs. It is also very smart looking. Many musicians who carry this bag get lots of inquiries from other horn players. Much of our sales are actually the result of referrals from colleagues in school bands and professional bands and orchestras. Walk into your rehearsal with this bag and you will be the envy of other players. There are three most important things to remember with any musical instrument accessory. 1. the case has to be functional for your instrument. It has to fit correctly and protect your horn. 2. It has to be manufactured well and reasonably priced in short...a great value. 3. You have to be proud to use it. You have to be able to carry it wherever you go and be glad it is on your shoulder.      

All Galaxy cases and bags are fully lined and the hardware and zippers are made of top travel luggage quality.

These cases are designed for the full protection of your instrument, both inside and out. They feature a sturdy easy-to-use carrying handle.    

You will be very satisfied for years with the quality of the Humes and Berg Galaxy Trumpet case. Trumpet not included.

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