Tuxedo drum bag by Humes and Berg
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Bass Drum Gig Bag - Tuxedo by Humes and Berg Mfg.

Humes and Berg Drum Gig Bag - The Tuxedo Bass Drum Gig Bag

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Humes and Berg Drum Gig Bag - The Tuxedo Bass Drum Gig Bag

The best bass drum gig bag available anywhere.

These bass drum gig bags are made to accommodate all hardware, tom mounting bracket bases, drum spurs.

All sizes are available - Choose size from the drop-down menu when adding to cart A 14 x 18 case will fit a 14" x 18" (18" is drumhead size). 


The Humes and Berg Tuxedo padded bag is designed for heavy use and has been manufactured based on consultation not only with the material manufacturers but with the input from hundreds of professional traveling musicians who know what they need to protect their valuable instruments. The result is simply the best-padded instrument bag available period.

The Humes and Berg Tuxedo bag is made from 1000 Denier Nylon. This is the same material used for Blimps and airships except it likely has a higher thread count! You probably are also walking on the Denier Nylon carpet which is what most quality man-made carpet is made from. Simply put, the denier nylon fabric is dense, but lightweight, and fully guaranteed against tearing and punctures for the lifetime of the bag. All Tuxedo bags are fully lined with custom made dense space-age foam and the hardware and zippers are made of top travel luggage quality.

These bags are designed for the full protection of your instrument, both inside and out. They feature both a carrying handle and a non-slip shoulder strap so your hands can be free whenever you are carrying this bag.   

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