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Drum Bags - Gator Fusion 16 Drum Set Bags - 18x22, 9x10, 10x12, 16x16, 5.5x14

Gator Fusion 16 Drum Set Bags - 18x22, 9x10,10x12, 16 x16, 5.5x14 (2nd number is drumhead size) - Same as GP Fusion set except has 16" x 16" floor tom case instead of 12" x 14". 

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The cases are beautifully made. They are durable and will protect your drums. Best of all they protect your drums while at the same time are lightweight and easy to carry. These cases weigh less than your drums and are flexible, which unlike hardshell cases, make them great choices for packing in a car and carrying them in and out of a gig. As a drummer, (and I know this may sound silly) but they actually make your drums easier to carry which I know from several occasions made it easier to solicit help from other band members.  If you gig a lot, you will want these cases and these features.

Gator Cases is the most innovative music and audiovisual instrument and electronics protection in the music industry.  Gator produces very high-quality cases many of which are custom-made to fit a specific instrument, amplifier, speaker, etc.  Their innovation has a constant eye on musical instruments and audiovisual manufacturers to immediately design a case that will address the ultimate protection for storage, transport, even during the performance. carries the full line of Gator products. Individual drum bags available - all sizes - Click "contact us" above or call 1-800-777-7871.

Check out the case features below.


Fusion Drum Set Bags: 18x22, 9x10, 10x12, 16 x 16, 5.5x14 (2nd number is drumhead size)

  • Durable 600-Denier nylon construction
  • 10mm padded and lined interior
  • Comfortable carrying straps
  • Collapsible compact design

Color: Black
Hinges: Nylon
Handles: Carry Straps
Latches: Zippers
UPC Code: 716408508788
Exterior Dimensions
Exterior Length: 26.77"
Exterior Width: 26.77"
Exterior Height: 7.00"
Weight: 13.00 pounds
Shipping Dimensions
Exterior Length: 27.00"
Exterior Width: 27.00"
Exterior Height: 7.00"
Weight: 13.00 pounds


Our staff uses Gator products. We are musicians who can attest to the quality and fitness of every Gator bag, Gator instrument case, cover, or any other Gator product we offer on our site.  Gator cases and gig bags were used by us long before we offered the Gator line on our site. We believe we should tell you this so you will have the confidence in knowing the quality Gator offers. We think you will be very happy with your purchase.

    • Weight
      13 lbs
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      GP Fusion 16
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