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Enduro bass drum case by Humes and Berg
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Drum Cases - Complete set Enduro by Humes and Berg Mfg.

Humes and Berg Complete Set of Drum Cases - The Enduro Drum Case

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Humes and Berg Complete Set of Drum Cases - The Enduro Drum Case

The best value in drum cases anywhere. The Enduro Drum Case set by Humes and Berg is available in all the popular drum sizes. They are popular because of their unique design. They are easy to transport; some drum sizes feature easy tilt and pull handles and casters. 

Priced in black. Colors are available. Email 

The Humes and Berg Enduro Bass drum case all started with the Vulcanized Fibre case, the original case that was invented first over 70 years ago. With the Enduro, Humes and Berg have developed a very tough case. These cases will protect your drums and hardware, and is what many pros use plus schools symphony orchestras and bands. Take them anywhere on any transport, any airplane, any band bus, carry them in, carry them out, pack them, unpack them, test their strength, and you will be amazed at the quality of these cases.    

The Bass drum case, for example, will handle anything. Each has a patented design, and is indestructible!! Humes and Berg put “three handles” on each bass drum case!  

These are extra strong cases any will rival any case made by any manufacturer. These have extra strong-extra wide- extra thick nylon straps with a special HB positive locking side release buckle. They are available with a New Pro foam lining which completely lines the case with a herringbone edge which puts a finished edge on the side of the case. These are NOT cheap inserts or pads like other less expensive cases.

We have used Humes and Berg Vulcanized Fibre cases for years. We have bought them new and used, round ones and square ones. Now these are a step up to the big time! The Enduro simply compliments their case line to give every professional drummer, musician, school and community band and orchestra the ultimate protection for transporting their instruments. Like all Humes and Berg products, they have virtually unbreakable handles and straps, and are made with Humes and Berg quality throughout.  

Fast set up and take down. I know, as a drummer at the end of the night, all you want to do is get out of there. The drummer is usually the last guy out. So with these cases, you open a case, place your drum in it, close the top, and move on – fast! A complete set of drums can be taken down and put away fast and much faster than gig bags. Gig bags are fine if you are just starting out and on a tight budget, but sooner or later you will want hard cases. The Enduro Pro is the last move up to the best case you will ever own.  You will never have to buy another case. You may trade in your drums or instrument, but we promise you will keep the cases!

The Humes and Berg Enduro case is the best quality there is. They are available in every size, for drum sets from a 6 X 8 to 24 X 22 or marching drums up to an 18 x 36. Plus there are combination cases, cymbal cases, conga cases, tambourine cases, and drum hardware cases with casters. They are available with or without the pro foam lining.  

Choose your size and with ot without foam when placing the item in the cart. You should use the actual drum shell – (height X drumhead) size; the case already makes provision for drum hoops, lugs, throw-offs, tom mounts, bass drum spurs, etc. For example, an 8 X 12 case will fit a “tom” shell that is 8” high and has a 12” drumhead.

Band Directors – let us quote multiple case orders with special quantity pricing.

Humes and Berg continue to make engineering and design changes.  Their basic model of the Vulcanized Fibre case is the one that started it all. The Vulcanized Fibre case is still the most famous case in history, and now the Enduro Pro is fast becoming the one to overtake that position. Humes and Berg carries all sizes in stock in black ready for delivery so place your order with us below and it will ship directly from their warehouse to make sure you get it as fast as possible. 

Note: shipping charges are for the lower 48 states only. Shipping outside this range will require a separate shipping quote. 


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  • Choose size - 2nd # is drumhead size
    DRS1- 6.5x14,10x12,11x13,16x16,16x22, DRS2 - 6.5x14,11x12,12x13,16x16,18x22, DRS3 - 5.5x14,10x10,10x12,14x14, 16x20, DRS4 - 5.5x14,8x10,9x12,11x14,18x22, DRS5 - 5.5x14,9x10,10x12,12x14,16x22, DRS6 - 5.5x14,8x10,10x12,12x14,18x22, DRS7 - 6.5x14, 11x12,12x13,16x16,16x22, DRS10 - 10x12,12x14,16x16,16x22, DRS11 - 8x10,9x12,11x14,18x22, DRS12 - 11x12,11x14,16x16,16x22, DRS14 - 10x12,11x13,16x16,16x22, DRS15 - 11x12, 12x14,16x16,16x22, DRS16 - 11x12,11x13,16x16,18x22, DRS18 - 10x10,10x12,14x14,16x20, DRS20 - 9x10,10x12,12x14,16x20, DRS21 - 9x10,10x12,12x14,16x22
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