Drumseeker Bass Drum Gig bag
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Bass Drum Gig Bag - Humes and Berg Drumseeker - FREE SHIPPING

Humes and Berg Bass Drum gig bag - Drumseeker

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The Best Bass Drum gig bag available on the market.  Drumseeker. Fits bass drums and oversized to fit drum lugs. most tom brackets, spurs, etc.

Trust the quality of Humes and Berg, Mfg.

Humes and Berg is the best case manufacturer in the world. Manufactured in the USA by skilled craftsmen the Drumseeker gig bag is made for those meticulous drummers who want lightweight cases with the ultimate in protection. Humes and Berg crafted these cases with a durable ballistic outer shell found on their popular Tuxedo Line with soft sheer lining. Add the rigid top and bottom, extra large zippers, and rigid foam padding and you have the case that distinctive drummers have wanted for years.

Humes and Berg invented the original Vulcanized Fibre bass drum case over 80 years ago. The vulcanized fibre case has been the drummers' standard. Now the Drumseeker has become the standard for gig bags. These bags will protect your drums, is lightweight, and provides valuable protection without breaking the bank and your back. You will need these to protect your valuable drums.

I have used Humes and Berg cases for years. I have bought new ones and used ones, round ones, and square ones. The Humes and Berg Drumseeker Gig bag will do what it are supposed to do…protect. They are beautifully made, remarkably engineered, are lightweight, and stackable. They have virtually unbreakable handles and straps and are made by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials, seams are tight, zippers are strong, handles and straps are solid.

As a drummer who has to carry heavy stuff, I cannot see any reason why you would want to add to their weight by using a hard case now that the Drumseeker is available. No question, you need substantial cases if you’re playing a lot of gigs. Your valuable drums get banged around a lot already; why not protect them while being transported with easy to carry Drumseeker bags.  Why use a case that is bulkier than your drums. Hard cases are great. But made for "roadies"; these cases are made for drummers!

Fast set up and takedown. So with these cases, you open a case, place your drum in it, close the top and move on – fast! A complete set of drums can be taken down and put away fast and much faster than ordinary gig bags because these are structured. Economy gig bags are fine if you are just starting out and on a tight budget, but sooner or later you will want these cases. Like the famous Vulcanized Fibre case, these can be stacked easily, are weather-resistant (although no cases are completely rainproof) and you can rest assured that your drums will be protected as well as your bank account.

They are available in every size, for drum sets from a 7 X 8 to 24 X 22 or marching drums up to an 18 x 26. Plus there are combination cases, cymbal cases, conga cases, tambourine cases, and drum hardware cases with casters.  

Choose your size. You should use the actual drum shell – (height X drumhead) size; the case already makes provision for drum hoops, lugs, throw offs, tom mounts, bass drum spurs, etc. For example, an 8 X 12 case will fit a “tom” shell that is 8” high and has a 12” drumhead.

Oversize shipping charges using dimensional weight for UPS or FedEx ground shipping might be applied to some cases at checkout. But if you are buying more than one case or a complete set, we will nest the drum cases if possible to reduce the shipping cost. We will make sure you are paying a fair price for shipping as we do for all of our products. Your total transaction amount may be lowered. 

Note: shipping charges are for the lower 48 states only. Shipping outside this range will require a separate shipping quote.   

Band Directors – let us quote multiple case orders with special quantity pricing.

Humes and Berg continue to make engineering and design changes.  Their models Enduro and Enduro Pro are made of heavier material, have stack locking designs, and have heavier duty straps.

Check out these links, if you want to step up to more substantial cases. 


You will be very happy with your Bass Drum Case from Humes and Berg.

Most of the time these are in stock, if not please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing.

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