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Gator Elite Air Series Bass Drum Case
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Bass Drum Case - Gator Protechtor - Elite Air series

Gator Protechtor Elite Air Series Bass Drum case


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Gator Protechtor Elite Air Series Bass Drum case - Made in the USA. These Cases are the latest and revolutionary design to protect your drums during transport and storage. 

Choose from sizes 18"x16" up to 24"x20". The first number is the drumhead size. Use the dropdown menu for the size you want to order.  

The Gator Protechtor series cases are beautifully made. Durable, almost indestructible, this is likely the last case you will ever need to protect your drum. Best of all it will protect while at the same time is easy to carry, has a strong handle.  And it looks cool!  But best of all it's a "Gator" case which will last for years!

Gator Cases are recognized as the industry standard in molded drum cases. The design of the Gator Protechtor cases adds strength and durability to the corners of the case and is water-resistant to protect your valuable drums in all sorts of weather.

Gator Cases offer the most innovative music and audiovisual instrument and electronics protection in the music industry.  Gator produces very high-quality cases many of which are custom-made to fit a specific instrument, amplifier, speaker, etc.  Their innovation has a constant eye on musical instruments and audiovisual manufacturers to immediately design a case that will address the ultimate protection for storage, transport, even during the performance.

Watch the video below to see all of the exciting features of the Gator Elite Series cases. We particularly like the inside of the case because these cases are made to rest your drum in the middle of the case. This positions your drum away from the sidewalls of the case away from the underside of any case hardware. The Elite Air series case is designed "oversized" for each drum with specific "tailor-made" contours and foam strips to securely cushion your drum. Straps are adjustable and have quick-snap clips for easy attachment. These cases are also oversized to accommodate most suspended mounting brackets.  

Choose the size you want from the drop-down menu when placing items in your cart. carries the full line of Gator products. Other cases available - all sizes - Click "contact us" above or call 1-800-777-7871.

Check out the case features below. 

  • Recognized as the Industry Standard Rotationally Molded Drum Cases
  • Provides strength, durability, and simplicity for almost any drum size
  • The Rotational Molding Process Gives Added Strength and Durability to Case Corners and Provides Water Resistance that Non-Roto Molded Cases Can't Match
  • Comes with a limited, lifetime warranty against cracking

Our staff uses Gator products. We are musicians who can attest to the quality and fitness of every Gator bag, Gator instrument case, cover, or any other Gator product we offer on our site.  Gator cases and gig bags were used by us long before we offered the Gator line on our site. We believe we should tell you this so you will have the confidence in knowing the quality Gator offers. We think you will be very happy with your purchase.
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    GP-PE1816BD 18X16, GP -PE2014BD 20x14, GP-PE2016BD 20x16, GP-PE2018BD 20x18, GP-PE2214BD 22x14, GP-PE2216BD 22x16, GP-PE2218BD 22x18, GP-PE2220BD 22x20, GP-PE2414BD 24x14, GP-PE2418BD 24x18, GP-PE2420BD 24x20
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