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Big Band Music Stand - The Jazz Standard - Humes and Berg Everglow 330
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Big Band Music Stand - The Jazz Standard - Humes and Berg Everglow 330

Humes and Berg Everglow Jazz Ensemble music stand

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The Jazz Standard in swing band stands. Used by more professional bands than any other. Pictures show Duke Ellington's music stands currently on display at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Obviously, you will get a brand new one.

The classic Humes and Berg Everglow Stage Jazz Ensemble music stand is one of the more popular models of the big band stands. This very popular model is a standard for the many professional, college, and high school jazz ensembles today. Made of durable material, hardboard back,  metal frame, and plastic inserts, these stands are easy to care for and will last for years.

The classy design features a plastic front so you put your band's name easily on the stands. Most local printers use laser printing processes as the standard today. Just design your logo on your computer, email it to your printer, approve your printer's art, and print directly on the insert. This is a simple inexpensive process available at most local printers.

Standard Graphics on Jazz Band Stands

The standard method today for placing your logo on the front of jazz band stands is by using a printed vinyl sign featuring your logo that is applied directly to the stand itself.

A second method is to apply the vinyl sign to a separate substrate, such as the material used for yard sale signs. This substrate is then attached to the front of the stands usually with velcro.

Vinyl signage should be attached directly to all hardboard and "Everglow" stands. But vinyl can also be applied directly to any stand in front of any material and look professional. But the second method using a separate substrate with velcro has been adopted by many for the "Swing It" stands. The second method allows you more flexibility to change your logo graphics on the stands. Schools with several jazz ensembles, for example, could use the same stands but with different ensemble logos.

Today's graphics printing technology can produce a vinyl sign to fit any music stand. Most sign maker or printer today has the equipment on site for vinyl printing. A logo design can be done in almost any shape and in almost any color and printed on vinyl. Fonts and font sizes vary by printer, however.

The process is relatively simple.

1. A logo is designed on a computer;
2. a vinyl sign with the logo is printed;
3. the sign is affixed to the stand or the substrate.

The entire sign can be attached if there is a desire to maintain a certain background. Or the logo design can be cut out and used with the music stand background. Experienced sign makers can physically apply the vinyl to the stand or the substrate with relative ease.

The first step is to contact a local sign maker (Printer) that has vinyl graphics printing capability. The Printer can then produce a logo for you or instruct you how to send your logo directly to them in a computer file. The Printer will then provide you with a rendering of how the logo will look on your music stands or substrate. You will then be asked for any changes or approval.

Obviously, if the graphics are being applied directly to the music stands the Printer will need the stands in their possession. If they are using a separate substrate then they will need to know the dimensions.

The stands are popular because of their flexibility in showcasing your performance. Each comes with a plastic insert that can be sent to your local printer for custom band art. Plus!!! by using Humes and Berg's special "Duplo" lights not only will you illuminate your music, but the stand front will be illuminated as well really showcasing your band! Order the Duplo lights by clicking on the link. I and others can tell you how much we are impressed by the stage presence these stands will give you and your band.

SAVE YOUR SCHOOL BUDGET!!! Share your stands. Extra inserts are available for printing so if you have several jazz ensembles you can purchase just one set of stands and several inserts. This is a great budget-saving maneuver many schools are using today. Just change the plastic inserts to match each ensemble before each performance.  

Comes in Sideman regular size 25 1/2" (Director or brass 36"). Cases are available for these as well. Shown is the 25 1/2" version.  Choose your size when placing the order in the cart.

Also, protect your investment. Cases are available.

Requires oversize shipping charges, but you can save on shipping. If ordering more than 3 stands, call for a special shipping quote.

20+ weeks delivery. Made to order; based on production scheduling by Humes and Berg.

Please email or call 1-800-777-7871 for shipping rates or quantity purchases.


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