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53510 Music stand light
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Music Stand light - Orchestra Light with 9 LEDs

Mighty Bright Orchestra LED Music Stand Light with AC adapter - 9 LEDs - 54 lumens - 53510

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Mighty Bright Orchestra LED Music Stand Light including AC adapter- 9 LEDs - 54 lumens

Let us quote you on larger quantities for your band or orchestra. 

This light is a great improvement over the old-style metal incandescent lights used in the past.  It illuminates well and can be used with batteries or the included AC adapter. It is also lightweight and is not as obtrusive looking on stage as the old-style band stand-type music light. 

in fact, this is our best and most popular LED battery-powered light for musicians because it has 9 LEDs, the light bar is almost 11" long to light up to 4 pages of music, and can be used with the included 3 AA batteries or AC power which is also included. This light works great on any music stand, particularly the Swing It Jazz Band stands and the Manhasset type orchestra stands, or any stand for that matter. It has 9 LEDs and the light is flexible and will illuminate your music or anything you need to see. This Mighty Bright Orchestra Light uses a clip to hold to any stand but also acts as its own free-standing base. It has an easy convenient power switch for two brightness controls...54 lumens and 36 lumens. The lower setting allows less illumination but prolongs battery life.  

This light has a great many applications for playing music, making a speech, or even reading a book at night in bed, in the car, or even outside. The AA batteries ARE INCLUDED!, they last a long time and the LED lights will last almost forever. According to the manufacturer, the lights never need replacing and should last 100,000 hours. Made by Mighty Bright, the most favored music and reading lights brand.

This light features nine energy-efficient LEDs casting bright white light over your music. The broad, padded clip and flexible gooseneck allow for versatility in placement, and the base can be used freestanding. A sliding switch controls two brightness settings. The light folds up easily for convenient storage, and a durable travel bag is included. Powered by 3 AA batteries or AC adapter, which are both included.


One added benefit...This light is large enough to keep secure in multiple unit applications such as swing bands and large orchestras.

9 LEDs with 2 brightness levels

* Black

* XtraFlex arm for infinite adjustment to your reading source.

* LED lights last for 100,000 hours

* With 9 LEDs the light spreads evenly with no hot spots and they have two brightness levels.

* There are no bulbs to ever replace and because they are LEDs plus there is extra-long battery life - 16 hours

Includes 3 AA batteries, AC (US) adapter, also available with UK or Europen adapters), and durable travel gig bag.

The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light - 53510





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