Terms and Conditions/Returns

Your Agreement

All items shipped for free are on our schedule as well as our suppliers. We make no guarantee either for ourselves or our suppliers that an order placed with standard or free shipping will be delivered to you by a specified date. Many items are manufactured upon receiving an order and we can not put a specific date of delivery on these. You can arrange for expedited shipping if an item is in stock and our suppliers agree to handle the expedited shipping process. Email us at info@musicity.com to get this process started.

The products and information posted on our website are for general informational purposes only. All information is presented to allow you to directly shop our website by clicking on the various links within the site including placing an order.  All the information is provided in good faith, however, we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of the information. Prices advertised on the website are presented as accurately as possible, but some may be incorrect. If you purchase a particular product and it has an error in its price, description, or image then we reserve the right to contact you to either change your order or cancel your order. We invite you to email us at info@musicity.com to confirm pricing or the product before you place your order.  


All of our prices are for in-stock inventory only. Because of rising inflationary pressure, manufacturers may increase their prices to us without notifying us. We reserve the right to requote your order for all items that are drop-shipped directly from our distributors. If the price is higher than what our in-stock item would have been, if in stock, then you will be notified to approve the change in price. You will be sent a separate invoice for the difference in price before your item is shipped. Your credit card is not charged until we either ship your item or have directly ordered the item from our distributor.   

Local fees 

Some of our vendors charge a drop-ship fee to get the order to you if we don't have the item in stock. And our shipping partners FedEx and UPS often charge an additional home delivery charge if applicable. Local delivery fees are not part of a free shipping calculation. Except for Florida, we do not collect sales tax. But, in many states, we are charged sales taxes by our vendors even though we are located in another state. This varies by state and by the vendor. The rates vary by locality (from zero to 11%) and it is almost impossible to give you the exact calculation for your order. Since each order is different and the calculation will vary by order, we have elected to charge a standard 9% Local fee charge to cover all of these extra costs. This will allow us to pay any applicable sales taxes to our vendors which might be due, and any other fees created through shipping and distribution. Local fees are a standard charge and are not refundable. We do remit sales taxes collected for all Florida orders directly to the State of Florida and any other state where we have surpassed their minimum annual dollar threshold requirement.        

Once an order is placed and accepted by us it can not be canceled. Your order is likely immediately put into production for manufacture or distribution and many times our partners can not stop an item once the order is processed. You may return the item under the conditions for returns below.

California residents

WARNING: For California Residents - Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.p65warnings.ca.gov

According to California Proposition 65 for shipments to California residents. Please click on the link above for information. 


Our return policy is friendly and reasonable and is fairly standard with other online specialty retailers. Our return policy is based on our vendor return policy. Many of our products are shipped directly from our suppliers to you. This saves a lot of shipping costs because our prices do not include shipping to our warehouse. Our suppliers control returns. Basically, if you don't like the item, and you have not opened the item in any way, then you may return it within 14 days per the conditions below. Please understand that items shipped directly from our suppliers are dependent on their return policy. Many do not accept returns or charge non-negotiable restocking fees. But we will work with them to make sure you are happy. Both we and our manufacturers want you to be happy with your purchase. And remember when you return goods, they are no longer new. So the product you receive is always fresh and new. 

Our return policy is a bit more challenging at this time because of inventory issues within the supply chain. And many of our suppliers have tightened their return policy and that may affect your order as other retailers are doing at this time. Please contact us at info@musicity.com for questions about your order. We appreciate your understanding. We're good folks that want you to have a great experience. If in doubt about a product, we suggest you buy only one item for your inspection before placing a larger order. And we are also consumers like you and we understand the issues with buying online. 

And certain items are not returnable; please read below.

Please note: Manufacturers often change designs slightly without changing their model numbers. The actual product design may vary from the picture. Musicity.com uses manufacturer model numbers as the basis for making sure you receive the correct product. Please review the description of the product in your order to verify the purchase. It will not be an incorrect shipment if there is only a slight change in the design of a product. 

Our prices are well below MSRP and in lots of cases sold to you below the minimum advertised price allowed by manufacturers (we do not advertise this price). To keep our prices low and to offer you the best value on items we use a "just in time" inventory system. The easiest way to return something is simply don't open the package. Then you can return it as long as our manufacturer/distributor allows the return. Within 14 days of your receipt of the item, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item for a refund. To get a full refund, the item must not be opened or used. This is just reversing the purchase. Because your returned item will be re-sold as new, the item must be returned unused in a salable unopened condition and come from our in-stock inventory. Returned items will also be subject to the suppliers' terms and conditions. Quantity orders, such as bags, sheet music folders, storage boxes, and other items for schools and institutions can not be returned. Please inquire before ordering. Acceptable returns incur a 15% restocking fee unless the supplier has a greater fee. Items on purchase orders can not be returned. International orders are not returnable. 

We have thousands of products. Many are not listed on our website. Our just-in-time system means that many items get drop shipped or special ordered from our manufacturers. Returns of these items will be subject to the manufacturers' return policy and likely heavy re-stocking fees. We work with our suppliers to avoid this if possible. If the item is shrink-wrapped or bubble-wrapped the package must not be broken. Items purchased in quantity including special orders and not in the standard inventory of Musicity.com can not be returned for full payment unless the manufacturer allows the return. Before returning an item, you must email us at info@musicity.com to get a return authorization.

If an item is defective, this will come under the manufacturer's warranty. We will contact the manufacturer on your behalf. All of our items are packed and shipped according to best practices proven to prevent damage. Each item is shipped FOB shipping point meaning the buyer takes title (buyer owns the item) once the shipment leaves our warehouses. If an item is received damaged you must work with the shipper to get a resolution (see shipping guidelines). Defective items will be repaired or replaced according to the specific manufacturer. 

Generally, if the manufacturer or our distributor will accept the return, we will accept the return. Discontinued and closeout items are not returnable. Shipping charges are not refundable. The buyer is responsible for all international shipping charges including defective items unless the supplier agrees to return shipping. The buyer pays for the original shipping, handling, and credit card fees for all items that have been shipped for free. 

For health compliance and sanitary reasons, personal use items used in your mouth or ear such as, but not limited to, mouthpieces, microphones, recorders, kazoos, penny whistles, reeds, harmonicas, earbuds, in-ear earphones, etc, can not be returned. These items and any others, if found to be defective or damaged will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. 

Electronics which include Digital Hymnals, amplifiers, guitar pedals, public address systems (including speakers), microphones, and other sensitive devices cannot be returned for a refund. They can only be returned for repair or replacement. If an electronic item is found defective, then you can contact us or the manufacturer. If you contact us we'll contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement according to their warranty policy. Electronics are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and will repair or replace the item upon inspection. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Drumsticks and drum heads can only be returned in their original unopened packaging and show no signs of use. Sheet music and copyrighted materials can not be returned including books, videotapes, DVDs, sample libraries, style disks, sound expansion boards, and software (including software bundled with hardware). Music stand lights and bulbs are not returnable. Clearance items can only be returned if found defective or damaged. Items marked "as is" cannot be returned. Some special order items/drop shipped items directly from the manufacturer may only be returned if our supplier allows them to be returned to them for credit. 

The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. To receive a full credit less the 15% restocking fee the item must have been unopened and in the original sealed container. In the case of an outright return for refund or exchange, we will refund the purchase price, but the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs and we do not refund the shipping costs the buyer paid to receive the item. It is only fair and reasonable that the value of any shipping and handling charges and credit card fees we incurred to ship the item to you will be deducted from your refund if the item was originally shipped free to you or the actual shipping costs exceeded the amount you paid for shipping. This includes any orders shipped directly by our suppliers that are canceled after the items have been prepared for shipment. The buyer is responsible for the returned items up to the time it is received in our or our shipper's facility. Refunds include only the original purchase price and will exclude any shipping and minimum handling costs. Refunds will be processed typically within a couple of days of receipt of the returned goods and will usually be in the same form as your original payment. For example, if payment was via Pay Pal the refund will be via Pay Pal, etc. No refunds are given until the product has been returned in the condition stated above. 

All refunds to international customers will be issued in US dollars subject to exchange rate variances. Canadian and other international customers that are requesting a refund of customs fees must complete form B2G (In Canada - Informal Adjustment Request) available from your local Customs & Revenue/CBSA Casual Refund Centre office. Once accepted by that office you will be issued a customs fees refund by that office, not from Musicity.com 

Musicity.com wants you to be happy with your purchase and your experience with us. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please email info@musicity.com.