Tambourine - Real Sound/True Colors Tambourine 10 inch Double Row Yellow
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Tambourine - Real Sound/True Colors Tambourine 10 inch Double Row Yellow

Real Sound/True Colors Tambourine 10 inch Double Row Yellow

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515 Real Sound Tambourine 10 inch Double Row Yellow. ABS plastic. Big Sound value in a durable tambourine.

The Tambourine percussion instruments are among the most ancient of all musical instruments. The term itself means "to hit against." The tambourine can be found in numerous ancient cultures including the great empires of Rome, India, China, Greece and Mesopotamia. It is likely that the Crusaders; it subsequently gained popularity among traveling minstrels. Mozart was among the first of the great classical composers to incorporate the tambourine into orchestral settings.

The tambourine is featured prominently in numerous Biblical stories. In Exodus, Miriam, the older sister of Moses, is described as playing the tambourine to celebrate the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. The tambourine is frequently played during times of celebration such as weddings, births, military victories and religious ecstasies. The tambourine is also referred to as timbrel, tabret, tof, to name a few. Many tambourines are decorated for specific celebrations before they are played.

In modern times, the instrument gained a strong following as a popular folk music instrument during the 1960s. Bob Dylan wrote the song "Mr. Tambourine Man" in 1964 and the song became a major radio hit for the band, The Byrds.

The famous composer Mozart used the tambourine in his compositions. But although the tambourine is accepted as a percussion instrument in the orchestra, it wasn't until the Salvation Army began to use it at the end of the nineteenth century did it begin to once again take its rightful place as an instrument of praise, worship, and warfare in the church. The Salvation Army were also the first to form timbrel brigades, often of young people, devoted to learning and playing the timbrel, especially during outreaches.