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Sheet Music Case - Vulcanized Fibre FREE SHIPPING
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Sheet Music Case - Vulcanized Fibre FREE SHIPPING

Humes and Berg Sheet Music Transport and Storage Case - The Vulcanized Fibre Case - FREE SHIPPING - The Original Case factory direct to you.

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Humes and Berg Sheet Music Transport and Storage Case - The Vulcanized Fibre (or Fiber) Case - Special order item.

This is an heirloom product. Proud to own. The favorite of thousands of bands and orchestras throughout the world,  I first saw these cases in the 1970s playing with a big band. I believe they are the best sheet music case you'll find anywhere. The Humes and Berg Vulcanized Fibre Sheet music case is popular because of its durability. These cases are a valuable find in used conditions because they seem to last forever. You can be sure that they will last a very long time and you will be handing these down to the next generation. They are easy to transport; some sizes hold up to 36 folios, and some have wheels for easy transport. Designed to carry and protect your music.

Humes and Berg make beautiful cases. The quality of craftsmanship that goes into these is remarkable. The material is "Vulcanized Fibre" with corner reinforcements. The handles are placed in a comfortable position so you can balance the case when carrying it no matter how heavy the music you are carrying. 

Please note that these cases are made by Humes and Berg using industrial high-demand material. As such it sometimes takes several months for HB to acquire the material and manufacture the case. will get your order to them and have it manufactured as fast as any retailer. But make no mistake...the quality of the manufacture is superb and you'll have a case that will last decades. Humes and Berg is the last remaining manufacturer of Vulcanized Fibre products for the music industry. Every case is made to order...there is no standing inventory.  

Special order. Cases are manufactured upon receiving an order. Please allow many weeks (12+) for Vulcanized Fibre products. Want something quicker? Try Enduro cases. Most are in stock ready to ship.

Humes and Berg also make the Enduro Sheet Music Case. How do you choose?


How do you choose between the two popular products? Vulcanized Fibre (VF) material has been around for decades. It was invented in 1871 and made from a celluloid paper base with a zinc chloride chemical gelling process. You have probably seen very thin sheets of this product used in gaskets, washers, gears, etc. For drum and sheet music cases the material is much thicker, heavier, weatherproof, and virtually indestructible. VF is made from paper. Enduro is a petroleum-based product. It is basically molded plastic and is slightly thicker and slightly heavier than VF. Today Enduro is more available because the manufacturing process is more readily available. But Humes and Berg still manufacture VF the same old way and you can be sure to get a very high-quality music case that will be cherished forever. But the VF is a very long production process. If you need cases right away go with Enduro.   

Choose the actual size below when placing items in the cart.

The Humes and Berg sheet music cases all started with the Vulcanized Fibre case, the original case that was invented first over 70 years ago. You will find these cases everywhere you see musicians, orchestras, backstage props, you name it. Used ones are sought out by everyone I know. These cases last virtually forever. With the Vulcanized Fibre case, Humes and Berg have developed a very tough case. These cases will protect your music and anything else you want to carry in them. Many pros use these, plus schools symphony orchestras and bands use these cases. Take them anywhere on any transport, any airplane, any band bus, carry them in, carry them out, pack them, unpack them, test their strength, and you will be amazed at the quality of these cases.    

These cases will handle anything. Each has a patented design, and is indestructible!! Humes and Berg put engineering at the top of their list when making these cases. 

These are extra strong cases any will rival any case made by any manufacturer. These have extra strong-extra wide- extra thick nylon straps with a special HB positive locking side release buckle.

We have used Humes and Berg Vulcanized Fibre cases for years. We have bought them new and used, round ones and square ones. They are the ultimate protection for transporting music. Like all Humes and Berg products, they have virtually unbreakable handles and straps and are made with Humes and Berg quality throughout.  

The Humes and Berg case is the best quality there is. They are available in every size you will need. They are also available for drum sets, individual drums, hardware, and accessories. Plus there are combination cases, cymbal cases, conga cases, tambourine cases, and drum hardware cases with casters. They are available with or without the pro foam lining. Check out the link below for these products.  

Band Directors – let us quote multiple case orders with special quantity pricing and shipping.

Cases are custom-made, so please allow 10+ weeks for manufacturing and delivery. Because these are special orders, payment must be made when placing your order. But the wait is well worth it.

You will be very happy with your Humes and Berg Sheet Music Case.

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    406-14.5x12x 5.5 (holds 12 folios) 10+ weeks delivery, 407-15x12.5x6.75 (holds 12-15 folios) 10+ weeks delivery, 408-36x16x14 (holds 4 #406 cases) 10+ weeks delivery, 408A-36x16x14 w/casters (holds 4 #406 cases) 10+ weeks delivery, 410-16x13x 9 (holds 24 folios) 10+ weeks delivery, 410A-16x13x12 (holds 36 folios) 10+ weeks delivery, 409 - Holds 4 of #407 10+ weeks delivery
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