Harmonica Microphone - Shure Green Bullet 520DX
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Harmonica Microphone - Shure Green Bullet 520DX

Harmonica Microphone - Shure Green Bullet 520DX

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The Shure Green Bullet Harmonica Microphone

This microphone is specifically designed for harmonicas. It is a handheld mic with a volume control that produces that a great sound reproduction for harmonicas. This is very popular microphone for the harmonica made by one of the top manufacturers. Because you can control the volume right at the mic you, the musician, is in control at all times.

This is an omnidirectional mic which means it will pick up from a wider range of sounds than most microphones. Most performance mics are unidirectional or cardioid designed to focus on a very narrow sound spectrum. With the Shure Green Bullet you can play near the mic, but it is not necessary to play directly into the mic. Omnidirectional mic are used when more than one person is performing on the same mic.

Shure is the top quality microphone manufacturer. As a high impedance microphone it uses an attached cable terminating with a 1/4" phone plug input. This makes it easy to plug into a guitar amp. It looks cool, sounds great and not very expensive. If you going to play the harmonica you need this mic. There's no point in playing if your audience can't hear you play.

This mic will perform. This is a high impedance microphone. The Shure Green Bullet includes the attached microphone cable - 20 ft.