Hi Hat - Gibraltar 9707 series Direct Pull No Leg Hi Hat Cymbal Stand
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Hi Hat - Gibraltar 9707 series Direct Pull No Leg Hi Hat Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar Direct Drive No Leg Hi Hat Stand

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Gibraltar 9000 Series No leg design Hi Hat Stand - The best for Rock drummers.

Gilbraltar manufactures the finest hi hat stands available on the market today. For years Gibraltar has led the industry in hardware constantly innovating for drummers. Other manufacturers follow Gilbraltar's lead because Gilbraltar focuses only on hardware.

The 9000 series is the top of the line rock hi hat stand from Gilbraltar. The 9000 series is a heavy duty series that will take any punishment you can give it. This will be the best hi hat stand you will own, very well made. Features no leg design, height from 29" to 37", weight 12.4 lbs, tube diameters - 1 1/4", 1". The no leg design giveyou the most optiosn for placemnt of any stand. Uses a rock plate with velcro to keep the base solidly in position. For drummers who have lots of cymbal stands to contend with this is perfect hi hat stand. Gibraltar quality. 

The 9000 series hi hat stands features direct lever pull drive for quick playing and response, liquid drive provides a completely balanced up and down stroke tension on the foot motion. Step Tension allows the drummer to dial in the correct tension.

Gibraltar hi hats are known for being smooth, fast and solid.

Gibraltar makes only the best hardware, and leads the way for hardware innovation for every manufactuer.    

Cymbals are not included, although any brand cymbal from 10" - 15" will work on this stand.

All Gibraltar hardware is warranted for 5 years.

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