Lee Oskar Melody Maker 1910MM Diatonic Harmonica
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Lee Oskar Melody Maker 1910MM Diatonic Harmonica

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Lee Oskar 1910MM Melody Maker Diatonic Harmonica

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The 1910MM Melody Maker is a fine instrument. It has been designed by a master harp player to meet the exacting specifications of a true professional. 

This Melody Maker is available only in the key of C. Choose the Lee Oskar Melody Maker for R&B, Folk, Country, Jazz, Pop and Standards.

Lee Oskar makes 4 different model color coded for your convenience, each with a slightly but necessary sound variation. Clicks on the links to review each of Lee Oskar's fine harmonicas.

Pro design 1910, Natural Minor 1910N, Melody Maker 1910MM, Harmonic Minor 1910H


Lee Oskar is a  leading manufacturer of fine harmonicas and harps.

The Lee Oskar harmonica system is state of the "harp" technology. These harmonicas were developed by a professional to be simple. practical, economical and easy to maintain and repair. With replaceable reeds they can esaily be reparied. Order replacement reeds here. (Click on link). 

All Lee Oskar Harmonicas feature:

Stainless Steel covers

Plastic combs to eliminate the effect of changing humidity and temperature

Wide chambers and narrower dividers to make them easier to play.

Tuned to 441 Plus to match all keyboards and pianos and to provide a brighter sound.

Excellent single note playing

Replacement reeds 

Please review return policy before purchasing any harmonica