7 pack Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonicas with case
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7 pack Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonicas with case

The Hohner Piedmont Blues Harp - 7 harmonicas with case

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The Hohner Piedmont Blues Harp - 7 harmonicas with case - keys of A, B flat, C, D, E, F, G

This is a nice starter set of harps that any beginner will love. This seven piece harmonica set with case is just perfect for learning. It includes all of the popular keys for playing and is great for learning the next step in harmonica playing. This will get you started with playing blues, folk, rock, or country music.

This set is for that great nitty gritty blues sound that has makes you love the music. Beginning in the 1960's Piedmont Blues were featured at various folk music revivals where this style became music to listen to rather than just dance to. Think of Sonny Terry or Brownie McGhee. This is a starter instrument to learn the blues that is featured on many recordings by Steven Tyler and other famous artists. You can make that sound and have fun! For performances or curbside playing, just having fun.

Hohner harmonicas feature: Improved reed profiles to increase reed life by over 200% Precision die punches to ensure reed plates with unparalleled air tightness Improved tuning accuracy (through investment in innovative new tools) Extremely stable stainless steel covers that won't tarnish and are easy to clean Dynamic range and highest volume of most any commercially made harmonica Super-fast response at all volume levels Easily adjustability for overblows A unique Hohner sound that is a tone benchmark for blues, folk, and rock

This is a musical instrument. It is not a toy or recommended for children under 6 years of age unless they are a prodigy.

Please review return policy before purchasing any harmonica