Seiko Quartz Metronome SQ50V
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Seiko Quartz Metronome SQ50V

Metronome Seiko SQ50V

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Metronomes are a great equalizer. Not only do they allow you to practice at different tempos consistently,
but even during a performance they can direct you or conduct your playing
so that you maintain a steady beat through the tune. If you are following
the beat of the metronome, no one can challenge you about rushing the beat or dragging the beat.
This is important when playing in an ensemble. The Seiko Quartz SQ 50V metronome
is the perfect tool for your playing. Solidly built its ease of use is amazing. Housed in a beautiful black plastic case,
its thumb operated tuning dial allows one beat tuning ranges from 40 to 208 beats per minute.
If you need a faster beat than 208, just change your timing to 1/2 notes...1 beat on the metronome would then equal 1/2 note.
The Seiko SQ50V Quartz Metronome, features your choice of two different sounds to contrast with your playing,
uses a thumb wheel volume control and also features a light that blinks for each beat.
With no volume the light keeps blinking.

Two different sounds

40 - 208 times per minute

Has a reference note for tuning A4/b flat 4

Dynamic speaker & earphone jack

Includes 9v battery

Dimensions - 67mm(w) X 95mm(H) x 32mm(D)

Weighs - 140g including battery

Built in Stand

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