Cymbals - Sabian Drum set

Sabian Cymbals for drum set use A little lesson about drum set cymbalsナ The most important thing is the soundナperiod. As a drummer myself I have played hundreds of different cymbals in my set up. In the early days as a poor drummer I had to go with the best brand that I could afford and that even included buying a few used ones. Those days the brand to get was Zildjian, very fine cymbals then and now. Probably nothing is like the old hand made K Zildjians, but with new manufacturing processes the sounds of different brands are so close that even inexpensive cymbals sound great! The Sabian and the Paiste brands are top quality and every bit as good quality as the old Zildjians. Plus there are dozens of other brands to consider. And there are several qualities to examine. So start with the sound, not the brand. You will find that cast bronze cymbals made from a mold and then hand hammered to form have a much richer sound than inexpensive ones made from bronze sheets. But what sounds good to you with the drumsticks you normally play with? A drummer has many drummer friends. Play their set up to get a bearing. Listen to you tube videosナpick something you prefer because thatメs the sound the audience hears and thatメs the sound you will want. Most drum magazines show various professional drummers and their kits and cymbal set ups. Listen to these drummers you tube videos. These will give you a start of what size and type you might want. You will need a ride cymbal and hi hat cymbals. So start with 14ヤ hi hats and an 18ヤ or 20ヤ ride cymbal. An 18ヤ crash/ride is also a perfect start. With these three you can do just about anything, jazz, blues, rock, samba, etc. And these cymbals will be with you a long time. If you start correctly, you can always add effect cymbals (cymbals with rivets, china cymbals, splash cymbals, big bell, etc.) to your set up. And also remember thisナmore cymbals require more cymbal stands and to a gigging drummer thatメs a lot more stuff to carry. Unless you have a roadie, you will want to keep it simple. One great sounding quality cymbal will do more for your sound than a bunch of inexpensive cymbals.
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