Chromatic Harmonicas

The Chromatic Harmonica - The Musical Harmonica.

The chromatic is mostly used for jazz, classical, and pop music- The chromatic harmonica is typically used in jazz, classical, pop, and music where the melodies require more than a 7-note scale (like the one on a standard diatonic). A classic example of where a chromatic would be required is the theme song to "Midnight Cowboy". The original theme to "Sesame Street" was also played on a chromatic.

With a Chromatic Harmonica, all accidental notes (sharps and flats) are immediately available by pushing in the slide button. Each single hole contains four reeds; two natural tones and two chromatic tones are enabled by pushing in the slide button on the side of the harp. Most chromatics are solo tuned, meaning each group of 4 holes completes one octave (inhale for one note, exhale for another). The slide button adds the "black keys" of the piano, by changing the full tones to half steps.   


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270SLM Hohner Super Chromonica 270 Chromatic Harmonica
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250SLM Hohner Chrometta 8 250C Chromatic Harmonica
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1040CSLM Hohner Educator 10 1040C Chromatic Harmonica
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7585KHS Hohner Super 64 Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica
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